Hello and thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing evening at the McConnell Foundation commemorating Lorraine’s career in the field early childhood education.  Below are all of the photos taken at the event starting with the candid’s.  There is no charge for the candid’s if you download them.  If you would like a print then these are only 10.00 per 8×10 print and 5.00 for a 5×7.


Here you will find copies all of the “Formal” photos taken outside.  These copies are lower resolution with watermarks on them meant to be viewed so you can decide to purchase any.  Prints can be purchased for 20.00 for each 8×10 and 10.00 for each 5×7.  You can also purchase a digital copy for 15.00.  The prints and digital copy will not have the watermark on them.  I’ll do a discounted price on multiple photos.  Just give me a call at 530-605-8942 or leave a comment below.  Thanks again!


That was a super fun session outside.  Now we head back inside for the real party.  These photos are snap shots just to capture some of the action.  It’s always tough to take photos of people speaking too.  I took these with Lorraine in mind for the memories.   No charge for any of these if downloaded.  Prints if you want any would be 5.00 each just to cover the cost of paper and ink.

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