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Opening Night at the Shasta Speedway!

By June 5, 2016Events

Saturday night at the races!  I’ve always been a fan.  It’s the small town atmosphere and the sound of those awesome race cars.  Dan Miller, the voice of the Shasta Speedway, really does a great job of announcing the races.  His excitement transfers right through those speakers straight to the fans!

I don’t think I’ve ever been to an opening night of the speedway before.  There was a “Meet the drivers” event before the races and every kid in that place was out on the track checking out those cars and talking to the drivers.  I was pretty excited myself!  We plan on making every race this year!

For schedule and ticket information go to Shasta Speedways website or check out their facebook page!  The next race will be at the Shasta District Fair on June 18th! We’ll see you there!

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