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Fair night at the Shasta Speedway

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Here are some photos from Saturday night at the races.  This was the weekend the fair was happening so it was packed in the grandstands.  This was also my first time photographing the races.  There is a lot of technique to pay attention too.  My back was pretty sore from panning all night.  I’m pretty happy with what I got but am looking forward to working with the techniques more to get the ultimate shots.  Thanks to my good friends Daniel Miller and Lori Weber for the opportunity to do this.  I hope the photos are what you’re looking for.

If anyone would like a print just send me a message and I’ll make it happen.  Don’t try to download from here as these are all “web size” and too small for prints.

Next race is July 3rd for Anderson Explodes fireworks celebration.  See you all there!

Opening Night at the Shasta Speedway!

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Saturday night at the races!  I’ve always been a fan.  It’s the small town atmosphere and the sound of those awesome race cars.  Dan Miller, the voice of the Shasta Speedway, really does a great job of announcing the races.  His excitement transfers right through those speakers straight to the fans!

I don’t think I’ve ever been to an opening night of the speedway before.  There was a “Meet the drivers” event before the races and every kid in that place was out on the track checking out those cars and talking to the drivers.  I was pretty excited myself!  We plan on making every race this year!

For schedule and ticket information go to Shasta Speedways website or check out their facebook page!  The next race will be at the Shasta District Fair on June 18th! We’ll see you there!

Whiskeytown Regatta 2016

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Well the Whiskeytown Regatta 2016 has come and gone and I must say I had a blast!  Thank you Kate Ashbey and Michael Moore for the invite and for making Wendy and I feel so welcome.

This was my first experience with the Regatta.  It was certainly a challenge.  Boats everywhere!  I’m lucky I didn’t throw my neck out!  I took over 1000 shots so going through them is going to take some time.  I did however get some finished so here they are.  I’ll add more as I get them done.  If you’d like to look at all the unfinished photos click here to see that gallery.  I’ll warn you though, it’s big and takes time to go through it.

I hope you like the photos.  Have a great summer!